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Vicki is a WinBoard compatible chess engine that is currently under development. The very first version of Vicki was written in Java, but I decided to rewrite the engine in C, polish up the AI and get a website running. Vicki is freeware and can be distributed freely. To play against Vicki, I strongly recommend you download a copy of Arena, or WinBoard which are both free interfaces for playing against compatible chess engines. Vicki has been tested under WinBoard and Arena with success.

I also maintain a blog and will be delighted if you leave a message or just browse around. You can also send me an email. My email address is . (This is an image to protect me against spam - please type the adderss in your favourite e-mail client.)


These ratings are highly speculative (I estimate Vicki to be at around 1700-1800), but these are the ratings for Vicki on FICS as of 19 August 2008. I think many people that play online does not play at their full strength. However, since most of Vicki's opponents are probably computer engines as well, this does give some indication of Vicki's playing strength.

Type Won Lost Draw Rating
Lightning (0'+1") 490 73 27 2311
Blitz (5'+1") 2987 475 143 2034
Standard (28'+1") 647 96 17 2150


The current "official" release of Vicki is version 0.041a, which can be downloaded here. Below you can find information on the various releases.


Version 0.041 alpha (19 August 2008)
Version 0.035 alpha (06 August 2007)
Version 0.034 alpha (29 July 2007)

Version 0.032 alpha (07 May 2007)

Version 0.031 alpha (07 May 2007)

Version 0.03 alpha (30 April 2007)

Version 0.021 alpha (22 April 2007)

Version 0.01 alpha (22 April 2007)

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